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After you have invested so much time and effort in creating a personal universe that only lives inside your book, you can't help but go looking for an amazing cover for it. Pagatana isn't just designed Book cover site, where you provide your name and book title and leave with your cover; it is a site where you can request all kinds of changes and additions to personalize your cover. The steps to get your cover today are very simple. Just follow the instructions, contact me through the website and get your Book within 72 hours max! Enjoy the view and contact me if you have any questions with no commitment required.


Our Service

Book Cover Design

The core of our business, and what all our other services are based on, the cover of your book is generally the very first interaction a potential reader will have with your creation. Whatever the genre, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, our expert book cover designers will design a cover that encapsulates the essence of your book, without being overly complicated or confusing to the viewer. We know what works, what sells, and what will create the very best first impression.

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Formating and Layout

Almost as important as the book cover, we ensure that interior of your book is up to standard, whether it’s an ebook, paperback or hardcover. The interior layout is designed according to international best practices by our specialist book formatters. All ebook files are thoroughly tested for use on all ebook readers to ensure the highest quality, and final print files are suitable for any printing service. From manuscript to final material, we will guide you through every step.

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Other Design

The Internet is currently the strongest and most influential media, Our designers craft bespoke all design that enrich your brand and engage your audience, combining imaginative design with smart functionality that gives your customers a powerful online experience with your business.Its like Logo, Banner, Website, Stationery, etc. Pagatana can help you Achieve your goals.

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